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is generated in asia and that comes to the oh port of san francisco. it's a huge growing market as everybody well knows and this conference was filled with 5,000 attendees from different ports in the world. >> trip highlights i want to go through them briefly. there were many highlights and the trade show just being one of them, commissioner adams and jim, you have to get up early in the morning with commissioner adams, he works up to two hours before i have my coffee. i had to keep up with him. we talked to a number of different shippers and shipping lines. most of our leading shipping companies had boots there and agent operations and market staff we had a chance to visit with. there is a lot of interest in san francisco. a lot of the infrastructure projects are going to be sourced in china. we got confirmation of the trip of the tunnel boring machines that are used for the central subway projects. they are coming to san francisco, there will be another ship later in the spring bringing these ships to san francisco. there is interest in the central subway project steel components and const
the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco police commission occurring march 6, 2013, will begin shortly. >> could we please stand for the pledge of allegiance? >> president mazzucco i would like to call roll. >> president mazzucco? >> present. >> vice president marshall? >> here. >> commissioner dejesus? >> in route. >> commissioner chan? >> present. >> commissioner kingsley. >> present. >> commissioner turman is excused. >> and commissioner loftus? >> is excused. >> we have a quorum. >> thank you very much, inspector monroe and ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the march 6, 2013, police commission meeting. we will start the agenda item first with public comment number two and move into line item number one with the special presentations. first we will start with general public comment >> the public is now welcome to address the commission, regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but within the subject matter jurisdiction. the speakers shall address the remarks to the commission as a whole and not to the commissioners to the department or the pers
of this group. i have a picture of them. they are coming to san francisco. as a result of the meeting we didn't expect to have with somebody who happened to know somebody else. it was just staggering. we had a sales call with is aing a force carrier, their general manager from brazil. a lot of the cargo sourced here is coming from shanghai. it we did travel to beijing and do we need to build or not? you got my vote that we do need to build it because we were able to travel to beijing, it was smoother than bart and on time and were there in 2-and-a-half hours. it's a great infrastructure and we should emulate and copy. while in beijing, we had a number of good meetings, the first was with china osha shipping company. we didn't meet with staff, we met with the chairman way who is a very impressive fellow and he did explain to us, we told him about our bulk operation, he said that costco has the largest bulk fleet in the world and he negotiated to have this done in the port project. lastly one of the highlights of the trip professionally it was a highlight for me too was commission adams throu
accident at a san francisco bart station. we'll tell you how a man was killed by an elevator next. >>> we'll show you how san francisco waterfront is developing to accommodate bigger cruise liners. >>> thousands of workers in the south bay are getting a pay raise. how they are raising questions about poverty in silicon valley. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. welcome to a brand new day it's monday, march 11th i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm maureen naylor. pam cook is off today. we want to start with weather and traffic as always. rosemary orozco is in for steve. >> good morning, to you. another day of sunny skies. 60s and 70s. it will be nice and mild. at this hour, however, a little bit of patchy fog. temperatures slipping back into the 30s to 40s once again this morning. we'll have a look at your current temperatures, talk more about that warmup and in the extended forecast the dry weather continues. i'll have a look all the way into next weekend coming up. good morning, sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split that traffic l
to dave and pam at the desk. >>> as sal mentioned we will continue on that breaking news in san francisco. take you live to the scene right now. we understand an officer involved shooting tied to a stolen taxi cab and our news crew again on the way to the scene. >>> also a missing man in santa cruz county how an injury is complicating the search. >>> outside our doors this morning an hour and 20 minutes until the official start of sunrise. lucky charms?! ♪ yer always after me lucky charms! whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> good morning. we are live in san francisco where there has been reports of an officer involved shooting involving a stolen cab. we'll bring you the very latest just seconds away. >>> a scotts valley man who fell 50-60 feet and has a bad head injury is now missing. you'll hear the message he posted before he disappeared and we'll tell you about the search. >>> controversy tied to tragedy. the army's response to the former soldier accused of killing two police officers. >>> we're live in oak
're following breaking news from san francisco. that officer involved shooting tied to a stolen taxi cab. brian flores is there in fort mason. you just got new video, brian. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we're in the fort mason area. as you can see behind me still a very active scene. it's been that way for at least 30 minutes. there are cop cars in this area. this is the area where we believe the stolen cab is located. we still haven't seen it yet. this is the last location of where the stolen cab is and what we believe were the suspect was arrested. here's details of what we know this morning. from what we understand, the suspect vandalized a taxi cab. somewhere in the area of jackson and buchanon. the driver of that taxi cab got out and confronted the suspect. when he did so the suspect entered the taxi cab and stole and drove away with it. officers were able to locate that taxi cab in a patrol car around jackson and spruce but that taxi cab actually rammed into the patrol car and from what we understand there are shots fired in the area of ja
murder and it kind of hit me, because san francisco has 1000 unsolved murders. so, i sent a letter to the new york times that a woman that wrote us and also she wanted the new york in it and the new york pd to start opening cold cases. murders that were unsolved and now the link is that they have gotten hundreds and hundreds of cases from across the united states and other police departments going into new york and seeing the data base for unsolved murders and so i sent out a letter and copies of the letters that i am giving you on the story that i sent to the nypd and the new york city commission, the police commission, to share data bases because i know that san francisco is going back to the murder that was in the marina were i, i ded the murder not the suspect. the person that was murdered i had a chance to enter san francisco's investigation unit and i was kind of shocked and it looked like csi to me, it looks like the gun shoes of 1950, and i know that you are short 19 to 22 investigators. but i think that this city or the sfpd has a long way to dow go*e and to bring it back
of the car in san francisco and that's when police shot one of the men several times. killing him. it is unclear if that was the passenger or the driver. police are not saying at this point whether the man who was shot had a weapon. >> can you tell me if the person who was killed was armed? >> i can't say exactly if that person was armed or not. just too early in the investigation. >> too early in the investigation to say exactly what happened. >> now, the second man who was inside that car was taken into custody by police. no officers were shot during all of this. but at least one officer did sustain some minor injuries. in fact the car that the two men were inside actually rolled into a police car. and hit that police car. now, as we bring you back out live to the picture, san francisco homicide investigators are out here still gathering evidence. they will be working with the district attorney's office to piece together this deadly police shooting. we also did this morning put in a call to daily city police for a comment on what took place here since their department was involv
. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it
here in san francisco. the police department, the hotels and the airlines paid for airfare, hotel, these cards and so they were able to come back and testify, assaults on tourists dropped to nothing. so it works. so contact honolulu pd and if you contact say hi to the chief fradis i knew him when he worked in richmond, california and they insulted him and did not make him chief there, it was hawaii's gain, aloha, practice and make sure that if you want to go to hawaii get the kamaana rate, there is one and that is all that i am going to say, ten seconds to spare. i am good. missed you. >> thank you. >> good evening, >> good evening. brings to the forefront, people it is taser time and we dragged our feet for three years around here and it was in the chronicle and it was a great article and the police commission was dragging its feet and that is correct. we started with miss fong and chief granod went for it and the chief is going for it, we can't get a bolt in the police commission? what is the problem people? it is a simple vote. go and get it, i think that we have five members t
taking heat for a surveillance of antimuslim ads featured on vehicles in san francisco showing photos of islamic figures alongside violent incidents. he say that is his jihad, what is yours. the bill boards mock the my jihad ads. muni says it has to run the ads otherwise it would risk being sued by the group that posted them. san francisco city leaders condemned the ads today. >> there is no place in san francisco for racism. >> at the board of supervisors i'll be introducing a resolution expressing that we all stand with our mus skplim arab communities in the face of these hateful bus advertisements. >> the same group put up ads last year calling muslims savages. muni says it donated money it received for the ads. >> now to the vatican, cardinals just hours from selecting a new leader of the catholic chu. i want to show you video taken insifd of the sistine chapel. the cardinals will move in tomorrow. yesterday, the cardinals ended a series of meetings where discussions were held on what kind of man to choose. >> thinking about what they're going to do because they have said they hav
news. >>> crist yapgz cappen is live where this other chase ended. and it wasn't a san francisco officer who fired the shot. >> reporter: yes, you can see a bullet hole in this fence near this morning's shooting. this morning, we are hearing that the suspect pulled a gun and san francisco police say it was a daly city police officer who fired on that suspect fearing for his own life. san francisco and daly city police investigated for hours this morning following a pursuit that ended with a daly daly city policer shooting and killing a suspect. san francisco police say a daly daly city policer officer initially spotted the car at the intersection of barbara and john daily boulevard. one of their officers spotted the car in the city and gave chase. >> the driver brandished the fire arm at the officers. >> reporter: officers say the driver made a sharp turn from bay shore onto hester and jumped out of the car. the passenger surrendered immediately but the driver ran away with the gun. >> the police officers approached the fleeing driver who then raised his gun at the officers. a po
the different regional areas including san francisco and make sure we understand how we're going to work together in the event we have an event that takes our services out or is greater than what we're actually expecting and that's the challenge for all of us, all the service providers, is working together to figure out how to make that happen. >> mr. boland. >> this is where we fit into that link. we represent the utilities that protect and build the resill yepbs into the infrastructure. we fill a gap in attitude which is the relationships, distant and local relationships, cross boundaries between the multi disciplines in the utilities. we are able to cross those lines in the counties and step up to state operations so everybody is operating in a common operating picture so everybody understands what's available not only in their jurisdiction, but what kind of resources we can bring to bear, short and long-term, how distant those are, what the qualifications are. we have master resource catalogs designed just like fire scope and cal fire in which we have built strike teams from our ut
condition. in berkeley, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> this afternoon's performance of the san francisco symphony is cancelled because of the ongoing strike by symphony musicians. last night's concert and two a performances also were cancelled. abc7 news reporter sergio tells us, this week's prestigious tour of the east coast is also in jeopardy. ♪ >> ticket holders were met by a trio of woodwinds outside of the box office and some picketing. >> we wanted to be here to explain to them the situation and just -- have a little music going for them to listen to and to enjoy so at least they get something to hear. >> as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has a stellar pedigree, including several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestra, they also want to recruit the best talent. we need to be able to offer a competitive salary. as you very well know, we have probably the highest cost of living. >> on average each earned
was going to be in operation in san francisco after an ert quake. that probably is not going to happen. it's a little bit different having several blocks in your population out of water versus out of electricity or gas or cell phone service. it's a little bit different level of emergency. after an earthquake what we're designing for is to have the high level fire system more or less immediately. there may be homes, individual service connections, which could be out of water for quite some time and that's where my utility has to interface with other departments to make sure we're getting water to people through humanitarian stations, red cross, mutual aid is a huge part of this with our federal and state partners. but those hand off points after a major event and educating ourselves what we're doing and not doing is a big part of the life line process that naomi is running and it's been very, very helpful. >> thank you. and mr. angelus. >> in terms of standards, similar to pg&e we have established our own internal standards on how resilient our network is. it's two hour quality of servi
. >> a young man from scott's valley is back with his family. matthew abraham was on a bus from san francisco to nevada when another passenger realized he likely had a medical condition. the man went to a library in utah where he learned the 20- year-old was missing and then he called authorities. family members say he suffered a head injury in a biking accident and wasn't sure of his identity. >> worked with this -- at that point this unidentified person to make sure that he didn't leave this library. this person that was traveling with him did a great service to us and everybody. >> family members now heading to utah to bring him home. >> here we are the last weekend of the winter season because next week officially marks the start of spring. >> you are right. it arrive on the 20th and i'm looking at spring showers in the forecast for the first day of spring between now and then we will be drying relatively mild out there. temperatures will stay above the seasonal norm as we get in to the weekend. outside right now we are still about ten minutes the official sunrise and you can see from
for pleasanton. upper 60s for richmond and san leandro. >> downtown san francisco upper 60s. >> upper 50s for ocean beach. >> seventies for the north bay 76 expected and out. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast is showing we will continue to fill the gradual cooling. expecting a nice weekend. low seventies for saturday in upper 60s and sunday. >> into your work with a chance of rain by mid-week. james. >> thank you janu . >> a quick update on traffic. a good trip on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> no delays mckenna went to san francisco. >> highway 92 the san mateo bridge traffic moving well no problems reported by the chp. the right-hand side your commute direction for haywood out of the city. >> the golden gate bridge and easy ride out of marin county. no problems of southbound 101 for santa rosa into san francisco. >> the only problem we're seeing is the same color as an issue on interstate 580. a car fire was reported there. 3 right lanes on eastbound 580 closed was the air with boulevard. that is near livermore. eastbound is not your typical commute direction obviously with th
the commitment of san francisco to eliminating domestic violence, this is a progressive and enlightened city and there is no room in this city for violence against women, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, supervisors beverly upton san francisco domestic violence, and i would like to thank supervisor cohen for her leadership and supervisor chiu and everybody on the committee for ending all violence against women. i want to thank the department and the status of women and the commission on the status of women, i think that under the leadership of dr. murase we have seen unprecedented healing and moving forward on domestic violence and sexual assault policies, this is all part of this package to move san francisco in the direction that it needs to go. we all know that we are headed in the right directions, and i really just want to thank my colleagues for their fine work? you know, it is very rare that we can get, a representative from every legal agency that does this work at the table. but they made time today because how important it is. and (inau
take a second vote before the measures take effect. >>> now to a developing news in san francisco, dozens of city workers and their supporters are gathered at city hall at this hour protesting possible wage cuts. we want to show you a live picture here inside the city hall rotunda in the last five minutes as we've been watching they've been applauding and cheering. this has been going on now for over an hour. members of the feiu 1021 labor union say the city plans to cut wages on positions held by women. we will keep you posted here if there are any arrests we understand that some protesters may want to be arrested. we're keeping an eye on this, we'll keep you posted throughout the course of this newscast. >>> the highway patrol reopened highway 101 after a serious accident. the chp says 26-year-old ronny morales andino was speeding and making aggressive lane changes when he lost control near the redwood landfill just before 1:15 this afternoon. his volkswagen rear ended a gmc yukon. andino suffered serious injuries. the lanes were closed so that a medic helicopter could land. >>>
around the bay. this is video from san francisco -- wet streets, people with their umbrellas out. now a live look from the kron4 roof camera in san francisco, and a live shot from the north bay. i'm here in the weather bennet. >> jacqueline: still, some light showers as for the rainfall mount st. helena, 0.76. nearly one-half inch in santa rosa and less everywhere else. as we take a look at the stormtracker 4 just some showers over the east bay but some showers also under the radar. some drizzling conditions along the coast. here is a live look outside from the bay bridge toll plaza a dreary picture you can see how darkish it is. as we take a look at the golden gate to the visibility is not that good. shell reconditions near san francisco but they are underneath a radar. as far as visibility? not that great. with reduced visibility visibility in half moon bay because of those shower activity at this hour. the satellite and radar with most of the rain to the shop east. still some we were to shower cast chances and timing it out just coming up. >> catherine: kron 4's justine waldman not
to tradition.leading off san francisco's saint patrick's parade this morning. following behind.a contingent of the city's finest and wide variety of fire trucks. thousands lined market street for a parade that had more than one hundred and fifty different groups and floats, many reflecting the strong support this parade has always received from the cities uniformed services. >> san francisco the police department and the fire department, i mean there's a whole bunch of irish people.that's all there used to be on the police and fire department years ago in san francisco which is now very mixed just like the city is, which is great but they are still strong supporters and they have a ball, everyone has fun at this parade. thousands came out to see the parade, and as many as two thousand people marched in the parade this the 162nd san francisco st paddy's day parade. it's the chicago green party. today crowds packed the banks of the chicago river as the water turned green. every leave trails of green dye in their wake to celebrate saint patrick's day. it's a tradition to d
. >> the developer for the city and the non-profit general partner, san francisco housing corporation are sponsoring 2175 market street which is an 88 unit mixed use, multifamily housing at 15th and market at the side of the former gas station and situated in the boundaries of the market octavian plan. >> 35-1 parking and ground floor parking of 6200 feet. the developers fulfilling the conclusion by providing 20 percent or 18 of the units as on site to individuals and families at 50 percent of median income. one and two bedroom units and with the affordable portion have a split of 11, 1s and 7, 2s. the mayor's office of housing is pleased to receive the increase in the affordable production and the product injoys the community support. we anticipate closing the bond transaction to take place on march 28th. 2013, the project is slated to begin construction shortly there after in early april of 2013. and developers thinks that it should involve the approvals. we respectfully asked for the approval of this and look forward to any questions that you may have, please note that we have representatives fro
gathered outside of the san francisco office of dianne feinstein. efforts appears doomed in the senate. at left for the moment and saying there is not enough votes. that reality is prompted a president to stand with families of the newtown, connecticut victims this morning asking voters to challenge their elected representatives. >> if they're not part of that 90% who agree that we should make it harder for a criminal or someone with mental illness to buy a gun, ask them, why not? why are you part of the 10%? >> this morning, nancy pelosi told me sup sport crucial. >> there may not seem to be votes right now, public sentiments is everything. >> right now, senate proposing a bill that would require universal background checks on gun purchases but assault weapons and a ban on high capacity clips are not included for lack of support. the head of the nra pushing back on background checks it slows down law abiding and does nothing to anyone else. >> it's been 100 days since the newtown, connecticut killings. the president call makes it clear he knows time is working against him. >> we need
with a look at how it all started. the week of valentine's day, 2004, newly elected san francisco mayor gavin newsom, boldly, some said recklessly orders to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> we reignited a fundamental debate. >> scott: outside city hall, gays and lesbians lines up around the block. about 4,000 couples tied the knot. it was not to last. at the urging of then governor schwarzenegger, the supreme court stopped the marriages. over the years, it snaked its way through the judicial system. in 2008, ruling banning gay unions violated the state constitution. it cannot be denied based on it. >> so goes the rest of the nation. it's inevitable. this door's wide open now. it's going to happen. whether you like it or not. >> scott: the ruling triggered a wave of joyful weddings this time across the state. including the celebrated union of two long time lesbian activists together since the 1950s. it infuriated millions for proposition 8 to amend the california constitution and restore marriage to opposite-sex couples only. on the same night californians voted barack obama in
expensive county.san francisco.where properties are just over 700-thousand dollars. and while home *prices are soaring.home *sales actually dropped from year to year in february. experts say what we're seeing is a housing market that's now re-balancing itself after the recession. ahead at eight. today marks three months since the sandy hook school massacre. why some of the victims' families were here in the bay area. also - the c-h-p is cracking down on drivers trying to cheat the bay bridge toll system. how they're stalling for time - to save a little money. and: samsung unveils its brand new phone. a first look. next. she's known as di=fi, but california's senior senator was more like di=feisty today. dianne feinstein tearing into texas senator ted cruz, a tea party republican. the exchange came as a senate committee approved her proposed ban on assault weapons. and senator cruz tried to deliver what she called a "lecture" about the constitution. >> one, i'm not a sixth grader. senator, i've been on this committee for twenty years. i was a mayor for nine years, i walked in, i saw people
gulezian, abc7 news. >> this afternoon's performance of the san francisco symphony is cancelled because of the ongoing strike by symphony musicians. that's in addition to last night's concert and two other performances that were already cancelled. abc7 news reporter sergio tells us, this week's prestigious tour of the east coast is also in jeopardy. ♪ >> ticket holders were met by a trio of woodwinds outside of the box office and some picketing. >> we wanted to be here to explain to them the situation and just -- have a little music going for them to listen to and to enjoy so at least they get something to hear. >> as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has a stellar pedigree, including several grammy awards, so they deserve a bump in pay. the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestra, they also want to recruit the best talent. we need to be able to offer a competitive salary. as you very well know, we have probably the highest cost of living. >> on average each ea
the landfill by the ton. not for long. the new purpose for old shingles. >> dodgers caps in san francisco city hall? obviously something is very wrong here. and we're not talking about the selection of music. >> mother nature's selection of seasons a little bit off. we're not even in spring yet and we had a summer-like feel with mid-50s and clouds for most of the day at the beach but you go inland, i'll tell you what you had temperatures 20, 25 degrees warmer. beautiful shot of the city. there's a look at san jose. find out when you may hit 80 in san jose. that's coming up. dodgers caps i >>> members of the san francisco symphony took to city hall in dodgers caps in protest today. musicians are on the verge of striking next week because of a possible pay freeze. the dodgers hats represent higher wages made by musicians in the l.a. philharmonic orchestra. a strike would cancel the east coast tour. >>> you would have to work more hours than there are in a day in you are making minimum wage to afford rent. don ford reports. >> reporter: the government d
licenses at san francisco city hall as they have every year since 2004. they were turned away. >> it affects us in so many ways in our every day life. what we want is to be treated fairly. >> scott: i spoke with lieutenant governor gavin newsom recently about what compelled him to take a leading role in the gay marriage debate nine years ago. >> thanks for having me. >> scott: take us back to 2004. the marriage licenses began to be issued in san francisco. you had just gotten into office. what got into you? >> i went to the state of the union. nancy pelosi made a terrible mistake by giving me her husband's ticket to watch the state of the union. i was listening to the issues of the day. abstinence and drug testing. he would fulfill his private commitments now made public to ban same-sex marriage. it occurred to me at that moment that we had to respond as mayor of san francisco, it was an obligation. >> scott: you just decided, i think it was a thursday or friday and people started lining up. it seems to have come on suddenly. what conversation did you have with the city attorn
sausalito covered in clouds and san francisco, there, in the clouds we cannot see the bay bridge, so even if the lights are not going on, no chance of seeing them. from the east bay, the fog has filled in the by as we look east. some of it has spilled into the south bay and we are look at 87 near h.p. pavilion with the fog in the distance, also. we will talk about what will happen today. we are going to have mostly sunny conditions in our warm of the afternoon in this forecast cycle. tomorrow, the clouds come back and the cooling begins with evening sprinkles for the evening festivities tomorrow and the best chance for wet weather is tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and it will be coldest those days. here is a way it looks with the fog this morning but even with the fog it is coming in because warm moist air is coming in and when the sun breaks through that will translate from three to eight degrees of warmth. so we will be in the mid-to-upper 70's throughout most of the south bay with san jose and santa clara at 74 and 75 at santa cruz and the plane is low 70's and millbrae is at 66 with
lamar tab. >>> time is 7:06. san francisco got the party started early. today is is st. patrick's day. they held the 16 # annual st. patrick's day parade up and down market street. irish step danceers, and dignitary and firefighters were in the procession as well. >> this was the grand marshal. san francisco's mayor served as grand marshal in cork, ireland. cork is a city city to san francisco. the friendship comes from creative and assault central synergies. >> here is a sign of the festivities. the chicago river dyed green. this man is dressed as leprechaun and helped entertain the crowd. this is the 51st year for the tradition. >>> here at home. dublin's little celebration continues. the shamrock five k, fun run and walk. and the map along the busiest streets. the run starts and end at the dublin civic center and the st. patrick's day festival starts at 5:00. >> if you are heading out to dublin, we will turn to rosemary and see how we are looking today. >> nice day today. chill in the air. knots much low cloud deck and not as much fog. i am not seeing dense patchy fog. the sun is o
the entertainment commission and the san francisco police department to work together to give us as robust set of reporting data as you can. i know that we had a requirement of quarterly reports and we have not had reports to this, but i would like to ask, you know and consider this the report for the first quarter of this year, that soon after the end of the first half of this year, i would like to get a communication from your respective departments on how they work and depending on what we see at that time, ask for another hearing to continue to monitor the process, i want to thank supervisor weiner for the work that he is doing and look forward to looking at this legislation and hopefully continuing to give the entertainment commission the tools that they need to address this. and i do want to take a moment and address the issue of saturation of sort of residents verses night clubs and i could imagine and i want to make sure that mr. allen's comments were taken out of context. you are referring to that in the soma area that there be balance between residents and entertainment corridor and
mall since the first of the year. san francisco january and december fifth driest. oakland driest since 1948. santa cruz 1.22. that is the driest since 1893. today after the fog it will be sunny. it's almost a summertime pattern. water temps are very cool. upper 40s and low 50s. inland temps warm up a little bit. that's all it takes. maybe that is a sign of things to come. patchy fog but sunny and warm away from the coast. very mild. 30s and 40s to almost 50 degrees on the temps. some locations are running muggy kind of clammy as our observer dave says. a lot of humidity in here. so fog, sun it will be mild to warm. especially away from the coast. not bad by it. 50s and 60s and upper 50s and low to mid 70s. santa cruz looks good. fog and increasing high clouds saturday into early sunday. clearing okay monday and turning cloudy. >>> time now 5:11. a scary bizarre story in florida. much more on what investigators know about a man who was swallowed up by a sink hole. >>> vallejo police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. what they are saying about a deadly daytime atta
to san francisco ended with another officer- involved shooting. according to officers they shots and killed the suspect when they say he raised a gun at them. and in sonoma county deputies killed a suspected can kidnapper on friday. authorities say they were tipped off by his victim who texted a friend to call 9-1-1. the suspect led deputy on the chase before crashing. deputies shot him when they thought he was reaching for a weapon but no gun was found. >> this all comes on the heels of the tuesday involved shooting in santa cruz where a man and two officers were killed. there will be a funeral at the h.p. pavilion for both officers, gunned down when trying to interview a sexual assault suspect. two days later grieving officers found a touching memorial. a military purple heart metal was pinned on to a teddy pair. the police chief says that the meaning of the metal is deeply understood by the department and it will be stored in a safe place. >>> and in the tennessee sane taclara county held its largest ever cash gun back buy this weekend. each handgun, shotgun and rifle brought
here in san francisco. so the first part up there, you see a slide of some of the military that's getting ready to do some mapping and underwater environment general location to see what's going on with the piers, and then the next picture down here, the military also has the capability to bring response to be able to clear the ports and the channels to be able to open it up for maritime traffic in the bay. this part, this event, was the satellite, construction of a satellite medical facility. some of our military capability is we have the right engineers and people that can go in and rebuild infrastructure and support. so one of the things they did during this exercise, they actually went in there for about a week-long event and actually constructed a building and this also helps us it restore capability to wherever we are responding to. this shows a lot of different response here. this is our urban search and rescue event that was part of the overall exercise. we had a lot of different partners that responded to this rubble pile. we had urban search and rescue, u.s. coast g
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